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Karl's Mystery Ride #9: Classic Karl ADV

The classic Karl Mystery Ride, with varying degrees of difficulty, last but not least, plan to be gone all day.

Meet up 9am at Latus Triumph, 870 E Berkeley St Gladstone OR

Ride Talk 9:45am You MUST be present at the ride talk, and signed a waiver to join the ride.

Kickstands Up 10am

Expect to be gone ALL DAY. 

3.5 BEARDS.jpg

Ride Difficulty 3.5/5

There is one difficult obstacle in Part 2 of the ride. A steep, deep gravel decent. If you're recovering from an injury or are not confident that you can make it down a deep gravel hill, we advise that you sit this one out, and join us next month. 

Miles/Length of Ride

This ride comes in 3 Parts, approx 120 miles, and between 6-7 hours to the end of Pt 3. 

PART 1: 29.6 Miles, approx. 1hr All Paved, easy peasy. 

End of Pt 1 will have a pit toilet, where everyone can hydrate, eat a quick snack before we start Pt 2. 

PART 2: 41.8 Miles, approx 2-3 hrs, dirt/gravel. This is where that extra .5 difficulty rating comes in. 

WARNING: There is a difficult obstacle in this section! Deep Gravel Hill, that we will all have to go down. If you are recovering from an injury please sit this one out and join us next month. 

The end of Part 2 will be at a campground, where we can eat lunch, and use the restroom. 

Ride back to Portland from end of PT 2 approx. 56.3 miles, roughly 1 1/2 hours. 

Amanda posing at the bottom of the gravel hill.

PART 3: 48.6 Miles, approx. 2 hrs, some easy dirt/gravel before hitting the pavement again into town. 

This section is fairly easy/relaxed, with great views. 

Gas will be available at the end of Pt 3. and we'll all find a place to eat. 

Ride back to Portland from end of pt 3, approx. 96.3 miles roughly 2 hours. 

Part of the fantastic view along pt 2 & 3