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Karl's Mystery Ride #11: Season Closer

The last Karl's Mystery Ride of the Season.

Karl and Amanda hope you're getting excited about this Weekend!

We've rated the ride 3.5 Beards out of 5

There will be pavement, there will be dirt. As we get ready for fall the weather in the PNW is getting a little less predictable, be prepared just in case it decides to rain and make the route muddy. If you're recovering from an injury or are note confident that you can navigate the gravel, mud and other misc obstacles, we advise that you sit this one out, and join us for the presentation with Motoquest October 4th, 7pm. Robyn Kocienski will be sharing all of her knowledge of traveling Alaska with us! 

3.5 BEARDS.jpg

  • Bring Snacks, Water and Lunch

  • Please come to the starting point with a FULL gas tank

  • We always recommend you plan to be gone most of the day to accommodate any unexpected delays. We ask that if you plan to take off early to wait till a designated stop so we can make sure the group stays together. 

What to expect
There are no early outs on this route. So it's all in or nothing. 

  • PART 1

    • 24 Miles of Highway and Urban Streets.

      • We will be stopping to regroup before heading out of town.

      • This stop will be after approx. 30-40 min of ride time. 

      • There will be gas, convenience store items and a bathroom.

  • PART 2

    • 33 Miles part pavement part dirt, approx 1 hour. 

      • Good pavement with excellent twisties.

      • Short section on a wide, lightly graveled road.

      • More paved rural roads.

      • We will be taking a short break at the end of this part.

        • No services/facilities.

  • PART 3

    • 31 Miles, approx 1 hour. 

      • There are potholes, a steep climb, deep ruts, big rocks, maybe a giant puddle or 2. The decent is not as steep as the climb, the rocks turn into light gravel. 

      • The road widens and then joins with a beautiful stretch of single lane pavement. 

        • CAUTION: There are branches hanging into the road in several places at head level that seem to come out of nowhere.

      • If it continues to rain this week and certain spots get muddy, or if it is raining day-of, visibility will be poor and this section could be tougher. 


    • Roughly 4 hours. 

    • There will be food and beverages (should you choose to purchase them) and access to gas/services. 

    • Roughly 56 Miles or 1-1.5 Hours from Portland. 

    • Total Route Mileage from the shop, through Part 1,2,3 and the ride back to Portland is 148 miles, or 6-7 hours. 

2018-09-12 11.39.19 2 Come Prepared eblast.jpg


  •  The destination/route of the ride will be revealed day of the ride at the meet up.

  • There are NO PAPER DIRECTIONS, so it is very important you follow our instructions on how to stay together! 

    • More about this will be explained at meet up, but the idea is that if Karl tells you to stop at a corner you stay there until you see the sweep.

    • This makes sure everyone stays on route, and no one gets lost. If you leave your post, chances are that everyone behind you will get lost. Not cool. This is a GROUP event. If you don't want to accommodate the needs of the Group, this ride is not for you. 

  • Plan to be gone for most of the day. 

  • Everyone must sign a release of liability waiver before the ride, and have a valid drivers license.  

  • We will have a follow truck in case of emergency. 

    • The follow truck is not there to carry your gear, or fix your bike for you. 

  • We encourage you to plan to be self sufficient. 

    • This means bringing snacks, your lunch, water, gps or a phone to make your way home afterwards. Tools specific to your bike, pain killers/ first aid kits etc

  • The end location is always in a town, we won't leave you on top of a mountain. 

2018-09-12 11.39.20 2 copy plan for weather eblast.jpg
  • Plan for the Weather. 

    • We all know the weather in the PNW can be unpredictable, so please bring sunscreen, layers, waterproofs and an extra pair of gloves. 

    • Please also be aware of how the weather will affect road conditions. Road snakes (or road tar), can become swollen and very slippery in hot weather, and very slick in wet weather. While riding in areas with debris, pot holes, mud, and limited visibility, give the person in front of you double or even triple the space you normally would. Just in case something happens, you have the space and time to brake and stop safely without colliding with a downed bike. 

    • We ride rain or shine. 

  • Your bike must be street legal and be able to keep up on highways to participate.

  • Our rides are geared with Medium-Heavy weight adventure bikes in mind. 

  • Do not pass anyone unless they give you the wave. 

    • Do not tailgate the person in front of you because you think they're going too slow. Reiterated from above: THIS IS A GROUP RIDE. NOT A RACE.

  • Last but not least, NO WHEELIES while riding in the group. If you decide to 'goof off' and endanger the safety of the others around you you will be asked to leave, and not invited back. 

We'll see you at Latus Triumph, 870 E Berkeley st, Gladstone OR
at 9am Saturday, September 15th
Ride talk at 9:45am, you must be present for the ride talk to participate!
Kickstands up at 10am