Since May 2017, with the support of Latus Motors Triumph, we've been leading monthly group rides on and off road.  


Our Mission

We want to create an environment that's friendly and a little challenging for medium-heavy weight adventure bike riders. Whether you just bought a Tiger or ADV bike and have never gone off road before, or if you're a seasoned veteran, our goal is to show you some good looking scenery and introduce you to other riders of the PNW. 

what should you expect from a karl's mystery ride

  • The difficulty of the ride will be announced on a 1-5 beard scale a couple weeks before the ride.

  • The destination/route of the ride will only be revealed the day of the ride at the group meet up.

  • Plan to be gone all day.

  • Karl Lipke leading, Volunteer sweeping and a follow truck behind or in a place where they can be contacted for backup in an emergency.

  • When you arrive at the meet up point you will be asked to sign a waiver and sign in.

  • Karl's Mystery Rides are always Free to attend, but you must purchase your own food, gas and supplies.

  • We encourage attendees to plan to be self sufficient with their own snacks, water, tools and a way to find your way home from the end location.

  • The end location will always be in a town, we won't leave you on top of a mountain.

  • Most Karl's Mystery Rides are split up into two-three sections. So if you have to leave, you have the option to bail out before the end of the ride.